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Date 2022-10-31

Human mind is the foundation of the evolution of human civilization, being of multiple representations across race, age, and culture. Hence, the scientific study of the mind must be achieved by integrating interdisciplinary knowledge. With the advanced instruments for uncovering the secrets of brain and mind, the development and shaping of mind can be examined via the observations of human's learning processes. Scientific study of the mind shall be the definite means to increase our life quality and civilization and it shall be the platform of integrating natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The Research Center for Mind, Brain and Learning (RCMBL) is established in 2007 at National Chengchi University, as a university-level research center, for the purpose of taking on this challenge of our most concern in this century, being in charge of facilitating the integration of interdisciplinary research, and holding as the highest mission to help people realize the process of the mind and thought and to enhance human intelligence.


RCMBL, based on the knowledge in neuroscience, concerns the topics from the neural basis in brain for mind operation, fundamental psychological processes (e.g., emotion, motivation, perception, and attention), high-level cognitive functions (e.g., learning, memory, language, decision-making, planning, and execution), to social behavior (e.g., gender relationship, interpersonal interaction, social groups, and culture and religion). Not only can these neuroscientific/cognitive researches be conducted in the laboratories, but also the results of these researches can have applications to human life or to enhance the design in other fields, such as education system, teaching fields, clinical medicine, community organization, industrial/business organization, and engineering systems.


So far, we have had many faculties at NCCU involved in the research of RCMBL from the colleges of Science, Education, and Language, whose expertise vary from physical psychology, cognitive psychology, educational psychology, learning psychology, linguistics, neural network modeling, and information technology. In addition, the RCMBL is establishing the firm cooperation with the research units or persons in the field of business, management, and social science, which traditionally have gained international reputation for NCCU. Also, the high school and elementary school of NCCU will be considered as the practical field for applying the findings in our laboratories. Therefore, being as the main location for advanced development in cognitive neural science, psychology, education, computer science, and social sciences, the RCMBL shall be the important research center for mind science with humanity consideration.

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