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Date 2022-11-03

1.    何萬順,周祝瑛,蘇紹雯,蔣侃學&陳郁萱.(2013)〈我國大學英語畢業門檻政策之檢討〉(A critical review of universitiesReview). (TSSCI)tentions facilitate observat《教育政策論壇》(Educational Policy Forum) 16.3.(一○二年八月份出刊)(TSSCI)何萬順
2.    M. Copenhaver*;I Lee;P. Baldwin.(2013)A randomized trial of the community-friendly health recovery program (CHRP) among high-risk drug users in treatment, AIDS and Behavior, Vol.17, No.9, pp.2902-2913.(SSCI)李怡青
3.    Lee, T.-C., Lin, Y.-S., Chiang, C.-H.*, & Wu, M.-H. (2013) Dance/movement therapy for children suffering from earthquake trauma in Taiwan: A preliminary exploration. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 40, 151-157 (SSCI, IF=0.489) 姜忠信
4.    Chiang, Chung-Hsin*;Wu, Chin-Chin;Hou, Yuh-Ming;Chu, Ching-Lin;Liu, Jiun-Horng;Soong, Wei-Tsuen, 2013.05, 'Development of T-STAT for Early Autism Screening, ' Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol.43, No.5, pp.1028-1037.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)姜忠信
5.    吳進欽;姜忠信*;侯育銘, 2013.12, '兩歲前自閉症類疾患嬰幼兒篩檢工具:文獻回顧, ' 中華心理衛生學刊, Vol.26, No.4, pp.549-568.(TSSCI)姜忠信
6.    Hsu, S.-M. & Yang, L.-X. (2013). Sequential effects in facial expression categorization. Emotion. 13, 573-586. (SSCI, IF=3.875)徐慎謀
7.    Chui, K.-W. (2013) Gesture and embodiment in Chinese discourse. Journal of Chinese Linguistics. 41(1): 52-64. (SSCI, AHCI, IF=0.179) 徐嘉慧
8.    Hsu, W.-Y.(2013)The ex-Gaussian Distribution of Reaction Times in Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Research in Developmental Disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities. (SSCI, IF=2.483) 許文耀
9.    Huang, C.-T*. (2013) Contexts of a personn Distribution of Reaction Times in Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/HyperactiCognitive Development.  (SSCI, IF=1.446) 黃啟泰
10.    麻筱涵,黃啟泰*,楊立行(2013)三歲幼兒的認知彈性:刺激熟悉度與命名方式在向度改變卡片分類作業的角色。中華心理學刊, 55 (2), 201-215. (TSSCI) 黃啟泰
11.    Chan, Y.-C., Chou, T.-L., Chen, H.-S.*, Yeh, Y.-C., Lavallee, J.-P., Liang, K.-C., & Chang, K.-E. (2013). Towards a neural circuit model of verbal humor processing: An fMRI study of the neural substrates of incongruity detection and resolution. NeuroImage. 66,169-176 (SCI, IF=6.252)葉玉珠
12.    Lin, C.-F., Yeh, Y.-C.*, Hung, Y.-H., Chang, R.-I. (2013). Data mining for providing a personalized learning path in creativity: An application of decision trees. Computers & Education. 66, 199-210.(SSCI & SCI, IF=2.775) 葉玉珠
13.    葉玉珠*、葉怡伶、林俊甫(2013)。數位學習正向個人特質之量表發展:知識管理、自我調整學習與意義建構。數位學習科技期刊,5(3),59-90。葉玉珠
14.    Tsai, Y.-L., Chen, C.-W., Cheng, H.-C., Chang, C.-H., Chen, C.-Y., and Yang, C.-M. (in press). Cognitive and behavioral factors in insomnia comorbid with depression and anxiety. Sleep and Biological Rhythms. (SCI, IF=1.052) 楊建銘
15.    Yang, C.-M., Lin, S.-C., Cheng, C.-P. (2013). Transient Insomnia Versus Chronic Insomnia: A Comparison Study of Sleep-Related Psychological/Behavioral Characteristics. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 0, 1-14. (SSCI, IF=1.668) 楊建銘
16.    Wang, H.-M., Yang, C.-M., Kuo, W.-C., Huang, C.-C., Kuo, H.-C. (2013). Use of a Modified Spatial-Context Memory Test to Detect Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment. PLoS ONE, 8(2), e57030. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057030 (SCI, IF=3.73) 楊建銘
17.    Wang, H.-J., Martin, A.-G., Chao, P.-K., Reichard, R.-A., Martin, A.-L., Huang, Y.-W., Chan, M.-H., & Aronstam R.-S. (2013,accepted) Honokiol blocks store operated calcium entry in CHO cells expressing the M3 muscarinic receptor: honokiol and muscarinic signaling. Journal of Biomedical Science. 20:11 (SCI, IF=2.46) 詹銘煥
18.    Wang, Y.-J., Chan, M.-H., Chen, H.-H. (2013) Methamphetamine inhibits voltage-gated potassium currents inNG108-15 cells: Possible contribution of large-conductancecalcium-activated potassium channels. Toxicology Letters. 223(2), 134-145. (SCI, IF=3.145)詹銘煥
19.    Chang, C.-M., Chao, C.-C.* (2013) Protein Kinase CK2 Enhances Mcl-1 Gene Expression Through the Serum Response Factor-Mediated Pathway in the Rat Hippocampus. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 91, 808-817 (SCI, IF=2.974) 趙知章
20.    Lin, J.-M., Chuang, T.-C., Chung, H.-W., Tsai, S.-Y.* (2013) Quantitative Comparison of Post Processing Methods for Reduction of Frequency Modulation Sidebands in Non-water Suppression 1H MRS. NMR in Biomedicine. 26(4),400-409.(SCI, IF=3.446) 蔡尚岳
21.    Yeh, C.-J., Tseng, Y.-S., Lin, Y.-R., Tsai, S.-Y., Huang T.-Y.* (2013) Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Impact of Regression Analysis. Journal of Neuroimaging.  (SCI, IF=1.4) 蔡尚岳
22.    Shiau, Y.-H.*, Sie, J.-H., Li, S.-P. (2013) Detecting sleep apnea by volatility clustering of heart rate variability. International Journal of Cardiology. (SCI, IF=5.509) 蕭又新
23.    顏乃欣*,廖瑞銘,楊建銘,黃淑麗,蔡介立 (2013)臺灣地區華人情緒與相關心理生理資料庫—臺灣情緒圖片系統。中華心理學刊。55 (4) 475-490。(TSSCI) 顏乃欣*,廖瑞銘,楊建銘,黃淑麗,蔡介立

01. Yang, C.-M., & Hsiao, F.-C. (2013). Management of sleep disorders – Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. In R. P.-Y. Chiang & S.-C. Kang (Eds.) Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology (pp. 121-136). Dordrecht: Springer.(篇章)楊建銘

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