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Date 2022-11-03

1.    Her, O.-S.* & Tsai, H.-C.(2014). Color isn’t silent, shallow isn’t deep: Two case studies of evaluating silent elements. Language and Linguistics,15(6),775-800.  (AHCI) 何萬順
2.    何萬順、廖元豪、蔣侃學(2014)。〈論現行大學英語畢業門檻的適法性:以政大法規為實例的論證〉(On the legality of universities’ English benchmark policy for graduation: A case study of NCCU’s relevant regulations). 《政大法學評論》(National Chengchi University Law Review) 139,1-64. (TSSCI) 何萬順
3.    Christian C. B., Lee, I.-C., Hodges, S. D. (2014) .From east to west: Accessibility and bias in self-other comparative judgments. Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin.,40(11), 1391-1405. 李怡青
4.    Der-Chung Lai;Chung-Hsin Chiang;Yuh-Ming Hou;Jiun-Horng Liu;Shu-Fen Yao;Yen-Cheng Tseng*.(2014). Predictors of effectiveness of early intervention on children with intellectual disability: a retrospective cohort study. BMC Pediatrics, 2014(14), 170.(SCI) 姜忠信
5.    Chin-Chin Wu;Chung-Hsin Chiang*(2014).The Developmental Sequence of Social-Communicative Skills in Young Children with Autism: A Longitudinal Study.Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice, 18(4), 385-392.(SSCI)姜忠信
6.    吳進欽、朱慶琳、侯育銘*、林姿伶、姜忠信(2014)。T-STAT評估18~24個月自閉症類嬰幼兒效度探究。中華心理衛生學刊,27(4),621-644。(TSSCI) 姜忠信
7.    Chui, K.-W. (2014) .Mimicked gestures and the joint construction of meaning in conversation. Journal of Pragmatics, 70, 68-85. (SSCI, AHCI, IF=0.798) 徐嘉慧
8.    Liang, C.-W., Zhong, R. Y., Pan, C.-H., Yen, M.-Y., Cheng, C.-P., Hsu, W.-Y. * (2014). Using cognitive modeling to investigate the psychological processes of the Go/NoGo discrimination task in male abstinent heroin misusers. Addiction. 109(8), 1355-1362. (SCI, SSCI, IF=4.596) 許文耀
9.    Wang, A. W., Chang, C.-S., Chen, S.-T., Chen, D.-R., Hsu, W.-Y.* (2014). Identification of Posttraumatic Growth Trajectories in the First Year after Breast Cancer Surgery. Psycho-Oncology,23(12),1399-1405. (SCI, SSCI, IF=4.044) 許文耀
10.    林昱萱、許翔皓、方基存、許文耀*(2014)。慢性腎臟病患者的睡眠困擾:未透析與血液透析患者之比較。中華心理衛生期刊,27(4),505-532。(TSSCI) 許文耀
11.    Brocke, J. V., & Liang, T.-P. (2014). Guidelines for Neuroscience Studies in Information Systems Research. Journal of Management Information Systems. 30(4), 211-233.(SCI, SSCI, IF=1.26) 梁定澎
12.    Yeh, Y.-C.*, Tsai, J.-L., Hsu, W.-C., Lin, C.-F. (2014). A model of how working memory capacity influences insight problem solving in situations with multiple visual representations: An eye tracking analysis. Thinking Skills & Creativity, 13, 153-167.(SSCI, IF=1.455) 葉玉珠、蔡介立
13.    Lin, C.-C., Yeh, Y.-C. (2014) .How Gratitude Influences Well-Being: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Social Indicators Research, 118, 205-217. (SSCI, IF=1.452) 葉玉珠

14.    Yang, L.-X., Wu, Y.-H. (2014) .Category variability effect in category learning with auditory stimuli. Frontiers in Psychology: Quantitative psychology and measurement,5,11-22. (SSCI,IF=2.8) 楊立行
15.    Chen, S.-H., Du, Y.-R., & Yang, L.-X. (2014). Cognitive capacity and cognitive hierarchy: A study based on beauty contest experiments. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination,9,69-105. (SSCI, IF=0.522) 楊立行
16.    Lin, C.-C., Yang, C.-M.* (2014 ). Evidence of Sleep-Facilitating Effect on Formation of Novel Semantic Associations: an Event-related Potential (ERP) Study. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory,116,69-78. (SCI, SSCI, IF=3.439) 楊建銘
17.    Yang, C.-M., Hung, C.-Y., Lee, H.-C. (2014) .Stress-related sleep vulnerability and maladaptive sleep beliefs predict insomnia at long-term follow-up. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine,10(9), 997-1001. (SCI, IF=2.83)楊建銘
18.    Lee, M.-Y., Chiang, C.-C., Chiu, H.-Y., Chan, M.-H., Chen, H.-H. (2014). N-acetylcysteine modulates hallucinogenic 5-HT2A receptor agonistmediated responses: Behavioral, molecular, and electrophysiological studies. Neuropharmacology,81, 215-223. (SCI, IF=4.819) 詹銘煥
19.    Chin, H.-Y., Chan, M.-H., Lee, M.-Y., Chen, S.-T., Zhan, Z.-Y., Chen, H.-H.* (2014) .Long-lasting alterations in 5-HT2A receptor after a binge regimen of methamphetamine in mice. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 17(10),1647-1658.(SCI, IF=5.264) 詹銘煥
20.    Shen, Y.-L., Chang, T.-Y., Chang, Y.-C., Tien, H.-H., Yang, F.-C., Wang, P.-Y., & Liao, R.-M.* (2014) .Elevated BDNF mRNA expression in the medial prefrontal cortex after d-amphetamine reinstated conditioned place preference in rats. Neuroscience, 263, 88-95. (SCI, IF=3.327) 廖瑞銘
21.    Chen, S.-C., She, H.-C., Chuang, M.-H., Wu, J.-Y., Tsai, J.-L. & Jung, T.-P. (2014) .Eye movements predict students' computer-based assessment performance of physics concepts in different presentation modalities. Computers and Education, 74, 61-72. (SCI, SSCI,IF=3.242) 蔡介立
22.    Chiang, N. C. R. *, Yen, N. S., Littauer, R., & Chen, K. H. (2014). Geographical reasoning and biases: the view from Taiwan. The Journal of Kaohsiung Behavior Sciences, 4, 57-93. 顏乃欣

01.    Chen, Y. H. *, Lee, P. H., Lu, Y. W., & Yen, N. S. (2014). Seeing or doing? Pitch recognition of batters versus pitchers: A preliminary report. In Proceedings of the the 2nd International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support (pp. 17-24). Springer.(篇章)顏乃欣
02.    Chen, Y. H. *, Lu, Y. W., Lee, P. H., & Yen, N. S. (2014).To bat or not to bat? Batting eye of elite batters: A preliminary report. In Proceedings of the the 2nd International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support (pp. 34-40). Springer. (篇章)顏乃欣
03.    Lane, T. (2014). When actions feel alien: An explanatory model. Communicative Action(pp. 53-74). (篇章)藍亭   
04.    Tsai, J.-L.*(2014). Eye movement guidance in reading unspaced text in Thai and Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Psycholinguistics, Cambridge University Press, pp.265 - 271. (篇章)蔡介立

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