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Date 2022-11-03

1.    Her, O.-S., Chen, Ching Perng & Tsai, Hui-Chin. (2015). Justifying Silent Elements in Syntax: The Case of a Silent Numeral, a Silent Classifier, and Two Silent Nouns in Mandarin Chinese. International Journal of Chinese Linguistics,2(2),193-226. 何萬順
2.    Her, O.-S., Tsai, H.-C.(2015) .On silent elements: A case study of grand and its silent entourage. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 33(2), 575-605. (SSCI, AHCI, IF=1.123) 何萬順
3.    何萬順*、林昆翰 (2015)。〈分類詞與量詞的區分:以台灣華語為例〉(Distinguishing classifiers and measure words: A Case study of Taiwan Mandarin)。《漢語學報》(Chinese Linguistics) ,4:56-68.(CSSCI)  何萬順
4.    朱慶琳、姜忠信、李宗芹* (2015) 。自閉症幼兒的共享式參與家長訓練方案:舞蹈治療之。中華心理衛生學刊,28(1),69-100。(TSSCI) 姜忠信
5.    林容蒂、吳進欽*、姜忠信、周文君、侯育銘(2015) 。自閉症類疾患兒童模仿表現與相關因素。中華心理學刊,57(1),45-66。 (TSSCI) 姜忠信
6.    Chung-Hsin Chiang*;Ching-Lin Chu;Tsung-Chin Lee. (2015). Efficacy of Caregiver-Mediated Joint Engagement Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice, 20(2),172-182.(SSCI, IF=3.5) 姜忠信
7.    Shen-Mou Hsu.(2015). The neural mechanism the effects of preceding contexts on current categorization decisions. Neuropsychologia, 66, 39-47, (SCI, IF=3.302) 徐慎謀
8.    Chang TT, Rosenberg-Lee M, Metcalfe AW, Chen T, Menon V. (2015).Development of common neural representations for distinct numerical problems. Neuropsychologia, 75,481-495.(SCI, IF=3.302) 張葶葶
9.    Chen, Y-H., & Cesari, P. (2015). Elite athletes refine their internal clocks. Motor Control. 19(1), 90-101. (SCI, IF=1.45) 陳尹華
10.    Chen, Y-H., & Liu, Y-T. (2015). To touch or not to touch? Fencers’ perceptions for their reaching range. International Journal of Sport Psychology,46(1),83-94. (SCI, SSCI, IF=0.45) 陳尹華
11.    黃啟泰, 林奕安(2015) 。起始運動方向與投球程序對幼兒重力偏誤的影響。中華心理學刊,57(2),145-154。 (TSSCI) 黃啟泰
12.    鍾宛玲, 黃啟泰 (2015)。前置意圖與因果理解對幼兒觀察學習他人錯誤的影響。中華心理學刊,57(3),213-227。(TSSCI) 黃啟泰
13.    Yeh, Y.-C.*, & Lin, C.-F. (2015).Aptitude-treatment interactions during creativity training in e-learning: How meaning-making, self-regulation, and knowledge management influence creativity. Educational Technology & Society, 18 (1), 124–136. (SSCI, IF=0.824). 葉玉珠
14.    Yeh, Y.-C.*, Lai, G.-J., Lin, C.-F., Lin, C.-W., Sun, H.-C. (2015). How Stress Influences Creativity in Game-based Situations: Analysis of Stress Hormone, Negative Emotions, and Working Memory. Computers & Education, 81, 143-153. (SCI, SSCI, IF=2.63) 葉玉珠、賴桂珍
15.    Yeh YC, Lin CW, Hsu WC, Kuo WJ, Chan YC. (2015). Associated and dissociated neural substrates of aesthetic judgment and aesthetic emotion during the appreciation of everyday designed products.Neuropsychologia. ,73,151-160. (SCI, SSCI, IF=3.451) 葉玉珠
16.    Yen-Hsuan Lin; Chun-Hui Jen; Chien-Ming Yang*. (2015). Information Processing during Sleep and Stress-Related Sleep Vulnerability. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 69(2), 84-92 (SCI, IF=1.62) 楊建銘
17.    Chien-Ming Yang*;Cheng-Hsiang Tseng;Yin-Shi Lai;Shih-Chieh Hsu. (2015).Self-efficacy enhancement can facilitate hypnotic tapering in patients with primary insomnia. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 13(3),242-251.(SCI, IF=0.759) 楊建銘
18.    Po-Yi Chen;Chien-Ming Yang*;Charles M. Morin.(2015).Validating the cross-cultural factor structure and invariance property of the Insomnia Severity Index: evidence based on ordinal EFA and CFA.Sleep Medicine, 16(5),598-603.(SCI, IF=3.1) 楊建銘
19.    Shih-Wei Lin;Yu-Ting Chou;Kuo-Chin Kao;Li-Pang Chuang;Chien-Ming Yang*;Han-Chung Hu.(2015) .Immediate and Long-term Neurocognitive Outcome in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome After Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment. Indian journal of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, 67(1), 79-85.(SCI, IF=0.054) 楊建銘
20.    Wu, C.-Y., Lee, H.-J., Liu, C.-F., Korivi, M., Chen, H.-H., Chan, M.-H.*.(2015) .Protective role of L-ascorbic acid, N-acetylcysteine, and apocynin on neomycin-induced hair cell loss in Zebrafish. Journal of Applied Toxicology, 35, 273-279. (SCI, IF=3.174) 詹銘煥
21.    Chan MH, Tsai YL, Lee MY, Stoker A, Markou A, Chen HH*(2015).The group II metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist LY379268 reduces toluene-induced enhancement of brain-stimulation reward and behavioral disturbances.Psychopharmacology,232(17),3259- 3268.詹銘煥
22.    Su SH;Kao FC;Huang YB;Liao WL*(2015).MeCP2 in the rostral striatum maintains local dopamine content critical for psychomotor control. The Journal of Neuroscience, 35(15), 6209-6220. (SCI, IF=6.747) 廖文霖
23.    Kao FC;Su SH;Carlson GC;Liao WL*(2015). MeCP2-mediated alterations of striatal features accompany psychomotor deficits in a mouse model of Rett syndrome. Brain Structure and Function, 220, 419-434. (SCI, IF=4.567) 廖文霖
24.    Feng-Kuei Chiang; Ruey-Kuang Cheng; Ruey-Ming Liao*(2015). Differential effects of dopamine receptor subtype-specific agonists with respect to operant behavior maintained on a differential reinforcement for low-rate responding (DRL) schedule. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 130, 67-76. (SCI, IF=2.82) 廖瑞銘
25.    Yang J.-H. & Liao R.-M.*(2015).Dissociable contribution of nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum to the acquisition of risk choice behavior in the rat.Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 126, 67-77. (SCI, IF=3.652) 廖瑞銘

26.    Chen, P.-H., & Tsai, J.-L. (2015). The influence of syntactic category and semantic constraints on lexical ambiguity resolution: An eye movement study of processing Chinese homographs. Language and Linguistics, 16(4), 555-586, (SSCI, IF=0.239) 蔡介立
27.    Chang, Y.-N., Hsu, C.-H., Tsai, J.-L., Chen, C.-L., & Lee, C.-Y. (2015). A psycholinguistic database for traditional Chinese character naming. Behavior Research Methods, 48(1),112-122.(SSCI, IF=2.928) 蔡介立
28.    Shang-Yueh Tsai;Woan-Chyi Wang;Yi-Ru Lin*(2015).Comparison of Sagittal and Transverse Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging on the Quantification of Brain Metabolites. Journal Of Neuroimaging, 25(2), 167-174. (SCI, IF=1.818) 蔡尚岳
29.    David M. Niddam*;Shang-Yueh Tsai;Yi-Ru Lin.(2015).Statistical Mapping of Metabolites in The Medial Wall of The Brain: A Proton Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging Study. Human Brain Mapping, 36(3), 852-861. (SCI, IF=6.924) 蔡尚岳
30.    Fa-Hsuan Lin, Ying-Hua Chu, Yi-Cheng Hsu, Jo-Fu Lotus Lin, KevinW.-K. Tsai, Shang-Yueh Tsai,Wen-Jui Kuo.(2015). Significant feed-forward connectivity revealed by high frequency components of BOLD fMRI signals.NeuroImage, 121, 69-77. (SCI, IF=6.357) 蔡尚岳
31.    Yu Bai, Takashi Nakao, Jiameng Xu, Pengmin Qin, Pedro Chaves, Alexander Heinzel, Niall Duncan, Timothy Lane, Nai-Shing Yen, Shang-Yueh Tsai, Georg Northoff.(2015).Resting state glutamate predicts elevated pre-stimulus alpha during self-relatedness – A combined EEG-MRS study on rest-self overlap. Social Neuroscience, pp.1-15.(SCI)顏乃欣、蔡尚岳、Georg Northoff
32.    Pengmin Qin, Xuehai Wu, Niall W. Duncan, Weiqi Bao, Weijun Tang, Zhengwei Zhang,Jin Hu, Yi Jin,Xing Wu,Liang Gao,Lu Lu,Yihui Guan, Timothy Lane, Zirui Huang,Yelena G. Bodien,Joseph T. Giacino, Ying Mao, and Georg Northoff.(2015).GABAA receptor deficits predict recovery in patients with disorders of consciousness: A preliminary multimodal [(11) C]Flumazenil PET and fMRI study. Human Brain Mapping,36,3867-3877(SCI, IF=4.962) 藍亭、Georg Northoff
33.    Paola Magioncalda, Matteo Martino*, Benedetta Conio, Andrea Escelsior, Niccolo Piaggio, Andrea Presta, Valentina Marozzi,Giulio Rocchi,Loris Anastasio,Linda Vassallo, Francesca Ferri, Zirui Huang,Luca Roccatagliata, Matteo Pardini,Georg Northoff, and Mario Amore.(2015). Functional Connectivity and Neuronal Variability of Resting State Activity in Bipolar Disorder— Reduction and Decoupling in Anterior Cortical Midline Structures. Human Brain Mapping, 36(2),666-682. (SCI, IF=4.962)Georg Northoff
34.    Pengmin Qin, Xuehai Wu, Zirui Huang, Niall W. Duncan, Weijun Tang, Annemarie Wolff,Jin Hu,Liang Gao, Yi Jin, Xing Wu, Jianfeng Zhang, Lu Lu, Chunping Wu, Xiaoying Qu,Ying Mao, Xuchu Weng, Jun Zhang, and Georg Northoff.(2015) .How Are Different Neural Networks Related to Consciousness? Annals of Neurology, 78(4), 594-605. (IF=9.638)Georg Northoff
35.    王韋婷;許文耀*(2015).Applying the Tripartite Model to the Link between Non-suicidal Self-injury and Suicidal Risk, 中華心理學刊,57(4),303-318(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者) 許文耀

01. Lane, T.(2015)Self, belonging, and conscious experience: A critique of subjectivity theories of consciousness.  In Rocco Gennaro, Ed. Disturbed Consciousness: New Essays on Psychopathology and Theories of Consciousness.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. pp. 103-140.(篇章)藍亭


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