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    2014 2014/00/00Tsai, J.-L.,outh and Southeast Asian Psycholinguistics ,Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.,2014/00Jie-Li Tsai
    2013 2013/00/00Yang, C.-M., & Hsiao, F.-C.,Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology,Dordrecht: Springer.,2013/00Chien-Ming Yang
    2012 2012/00/00Lane, T.* and O. Flanagan*(Forthcoming, 2012),Mind and Society: Cognitive Science Meets the Social Sciences,Synthese Library Series,Springer,2012/00Timothy Joseph Lane
    2012 2012/00/00Yeh, Y. C. ,Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning,Springer Science+Business Media.,2012/00Yu-Chu Yeh
    2012 2012/00/00 Her, O.-S.,From Quirky Case to Representing Space: Papers in Honor of Annie Zaenen,Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications,2012/00One-Soon Her
    2012 0000/00/00Her, O.-S., Deng, D.-H.,Proceedings of the LFG12 Conference,Stanford, CA: CSLI PublicationsOne-Soon Her
    2011 2011/00/00Yeh Y.-C.,Encyclopedia of creativity (2nd ed.),San Diego, CA: Academic Press.,2011/00Yu-Chu Yeh
    2011 2011/00/00Yeh, Y. C. (in press),Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning,Springer.,2011/00Yu-Chu Yeh
    2011 2011/00/00Spielman, AJ, Yang, CM, Glovinsky, PB.,Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders: A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions,Elsevier, London, UK,2011/00Chien-Ming Yang
    2011 0000/00/00Yeh, Y. C. (in press),Critical thinking. Hauppauge,NY: Nova Science Publishers, IncYu-Chu Yeh
    2010 2010/00/00One-Soon Her.,In Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society,2010/00One-Soon Her
    2010 2010/00/00One-Soon Her,Interaction and Variation in the Chinese VO Construction, revised edition,Taipei: Crane Publishing,2010/00One-Soon Her
    2010 0000/00/00葉玉珠、高源令、修慧蘭、曾慧敏、王佩玲、陳惠萍著,教育心理學(2nd ed.)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2010 0000/00/00葉玉珠、高源令、修慧蘭、曾慧敏、王佩玲、陳惠萍著,教育心理學(2nd ed. )Yu-Chu Yeh
    2010 0000/00/00葉玉珠、高源令、修慧蘭、曾慧敏、王佩玲、陳惠萍著,教育心理學(2nd ed.)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2009 0000/00/00Yeh, Y. C.,「情境式創造力測驗」指導手冊Yu-Chu Yeh
    2008 2008/00/00Yang, CM., Ebbin, M,Sleep Disorders: Diagnosis and Therapeutics,London: Informa. UK Ltd,2008/00Chien-Ming Yang
    2008 2008/00/00Yeh, YC,Leading-Edge Educational Technology,Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,2008/00Yu-Chu Yeh
    2008 2008/00/00Yeh, YC,E-learning: 21st century issues and challenges., Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,2008/00Yu-Chu Yeh
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