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    2016Yeh, Y.*, Lai, S. H., Lin, C. W.,2016,The dynamic influence of emotions on game-based creativity: An integrated analysis of emotional valence, activation strength, and regulation focus,Computers in Human Behavior , (SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2015鍾宛玲, 黃啟泰,2015,前置意圖與因果理解對幼兒觀察學習他人錯誤的影響,中華心理學刊,57,3,pp213-227 (TSSCI)Chi-Tai Huang
    2015黃啟泰, 林奕安,2015,起始運動方向與投球程序對幼兒重力偏誤的影響,中華心理學刊,57,2,pp145-154 (TSSCI)Chi-Tai Huang
    2015Chang TT, Rosenberg-Lee M, Metcalfe AW, Chen T, Menon V,2015,Development of common neural representations for distinct numerical problems,Neuropsychologia, (SCI)Ting-Ting Chang
    2015Yu Bai, Takashi Nakao, Jiameng Xu, Pengmin Qin, Pedro Chaves, Alexander Heinzel, Niall Duncan, Timothy Lane, Nai-Shing Yen, Shang-Yueh Tsai, Georg Northoff,2015,Resting state glutamate predicts elevated pre-stimulus alpha during self-relatedness: A combined EEG-MRS study on "rest-self overlap".,Social Neuroscience, (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2015Fa-Hsuan Lin, Ying-Hua Chu, Yi-Cheng Hsu, Jo-Fu Lotus Lin, KevinW.-K. Tsai, Shang-Yueh Tsai,Wen-Jui Kuo,2015,Significant feed-forward connectivity revealed by high frequency components of BOLD fMRI signals,NeuroImage,121,pp69-77 (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2015Yeh, YC, Lin, CW, Hsu, WC, Kuo, WJ, Chan, YC. ,2015,Associated and dissociated neural substrates of aesthetic judgment and aesthetic emotion during the appreciation of everyday designed products,Neuropsychologia,73,pp151-160 (SCI),(SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2015Yu Bai, Takashi Nakao, Jiameng Xu, Pengmin Qin, Pedro Chaves, Alexander Heinzel, Niall Duncan, Timothy Lane, Nai-Shing Yen, Shang-Yueh Tsai, Georg Northoff,2015,Resting state glutamate predicts elevated pre-stimulus alpha during self-relatedness: A combined EEG-MRS study on "rest-self overlap".,Social Neuroscience, (SCI)Nai-Shing Yen
    2015Yang J.-H. & Liao R.-M.* ,2015,Dissociable contribution of nucleus accumbens and dorsolateral striatum to the acquisition of risk choice behavior in the rat.,Neurobiology of Learning and Memory,126,pp67-77 (SCI)Ruey-Ming Liao
    2015Niddam, D. M., Tsai, S.-Y, Lin, Y.-R.,2015,Statistical Mapping of Metabolites in the Medial Wall of rhe Brain: A Proton Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging Study.,Human Brain Mapping,36,3,pp852-861 (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2015Chang, Y.-N., Hsu, C.-H., Tsai, J.-L., Chen, C.-L., & Lee, C.-Y.,2015,A psycholinguistic database for traditional Chinese character naming,Behavior Research Mothods, (SSCI)Jie-Li Tsai
    2015 Kao, F.-C., Su, S.-H., Carlson G.-C., Liao W.-L.*,2015,MeCP2-mediated alterations of striatal features accompany psychomotor deficits in a mouse model of Rett syndrome.,Brain Structure and Function,220,pp419-434 (SCI)Wen-Lin Liao
    2015Lin, Y.-H., Jen, C.-H., Yang, C.-M.*,2015,Information Processing during Sleep and Stress-Related Sleep Vulnerability,Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences.,69,2,pp84-92 (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2015Feng-Kuei Chiang , Ruey-Kuang Cheng & Ruey-Ming Liao*(* the corresponding author),2015,Differential effects of dopamine receptor subtype-specific agonists with respect to operant behavior maintained on a differential reinforcement of low-rate responding (DRL) schedule,Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior,130,pp67-76 (SCI)Ruey-Ming Liao
    2015Her, One-Soon, Jing-Perng Chen & Hui-Chin Tsai,2015,Justifying silent elements in syntax: the case of a silent numeral, a silent classifier, and two silent nouns in mandarin chinese,International Journal of Chinese Linguistics,One-Soon Her
    2015Yeh, Y.-C.*, Lai, G.-J., Lin, C.-F., Lin, C.-W., Sun, H.-C.,2015,How Stress Influences Creativity in Game-based Situations: Analysis of Stress Hormone, Negative Emotions, and Working Memory,Computers & Education,81,pp143-153 (SCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2015Yeh, Y.*, & Lin, C. F.,2015,Aptitude-treatment interactions during creativity training in e-learning: How meaning-making, self-regulation, and knowledge management influence creativity,Educational Technology & Society,18,1,pp124-136 (SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2015Po-Yi Chen, *Chien-Ming Yang, Charles Morin,2015,Validating the cross-cultural factor structure and invariance property of the Insomnia Severity Index: Evidence based on ordinal EFA and CFA.,Sleep Medicine, (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2015*Chien-Ming Yang, Cheng-Hsiang Tseng, Yin-Shi Lai, Shih-Chieh Hsu,2015,Self-Efficacy Enhancement Can Facilitate Hypnotic Tapering in Patients with Primary Insomnia,Sleep and Biological Rhythms, (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2015Chen, P.-H.;Tsai, J.-L.*,2015,The influence of syntactic category and semantic constraints on lexical ambiguity resolution: An eye movement study of processing Chinese homographs.,Language and Linguistics.,16,4,pp555-586 (SSCI)Jie-Li Tsai
    2015Tsai, S.-Y., Wang, W.-C., Lin, Y.-R.,2015,Comparison of Sagittal and Transverse Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging on the Quantification of Brain Metabolites.,Journal of Neuroimaging,25,2,pp167-174 (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2015Wu CY, Lee HJ, Liu CF, Korivi M, Chen HH, Chan MH.,2015,Protective role of L-ascorbic acid, N-acetylcysteine and apocynin on neomycin-induced hair cell loss in zebrafish,Journal of Applied Toxicology,35,3,pp273-279 (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2015San-Hua Su, Fang-Chi Kao, Yi-Bo Huang, and Wenlin Liao,2015,MeCP2 in the Rostral Striatum Maintains Local Dopamine Content Critical for Psychomotor Control,Journal of Neuroscience,35,15,pp6209-6220 (SCI)Wen-Lin Liao
    2015Chung-Hsin Chiang, Ching-Lin Chu and Tsung-Chin Lee,2015,Efficacy of Caregiver-Mediated Joint Engagement Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice,pp1-11Chung-Hsin Chiang
    2015Shih-Wei Lin, Yu-Ting Chou, Kuo-Chin Kao, Li-Pang Chuang, Chien-Ming Yang, Han-Chung Hu, Chung-Chi Huang, Cheng-Ta Yang, Ning-Hung Chen,2015,Immediate and Long-term Neurocognitive Outcome in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome After Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment,Indian journal of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery,67,1,pp79-85 (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2015吳岳勳; 楊立行 ,2015,Category Variability Effect in Perceptual Category Learning with Auditory Stimuli,中華心理學刊, (TSSCI)Lee-Xieng Yang
    2015Yeh, Y.-C.*, Lai, G.-J., Lin, C.-F., Lin, C.-W., Sun, H.-C.,2015,How Stress Influences Creativity in Game-based Situations: Analysis of Stress Hormone, Negative Emotions, and Working Memory ,Computers & Education,81,pp143-153 (SCI)Guey-Jen Lai
    2015Shen-Mou Hsu & Jung-Sen Lee,2015,Relative judgment in facial identity perception as revealed by sequential effects ,Attention Perception & Psychophysics, (SSCI)Shen-Mou Hsu
    2015Shen-Mou Hsu ,2015,The neural mechanism the effects of preceding contexts on current categorization decisions. ,Neuropsychologia,66,pp39-47 (SCI)Shen-Mou Hsu
    2015Her, One-Soon & Tsai, Hui-Chin,On silent elements: A case study of grand and its silent entourage,Natural Language and Linguistic Theory,33,2,pp575-605 (SSCI),(AHCI)One-Soon Her
    2015朱慶琳;姜忠信;李宗芹*,自閉症幼兒的共享式參與家長訓練方案:舞蹈治療之,中華心理衛生學刊,28,1,pp69-100 (TSSCI)Chung-Hsin Chiang
    2015林容蒂;吳進欽*;姜忠信;周文君;侯育銘,自閉症類疾患兒童模仿表現與相關因素,中華心理學刊,57,1,pp45-66 (TSSCI)Chung-Hsin Chiang
    2014Yeh, Y.-c., Tsai, J.-L., Hsu, W.-C., & Lin, C. F. ,2014,A model of how working memory capacity influences insight problem solving in situations with multiple visual representations: An eye tracking analysis.,Thinking Skills and Creativity,13,pp153-167 (SSCI)Jie-Li Tsai
    2014Christian C. B., Lee, I.-C., Hodges, S. D.,2014,From east to west: Accessibility and bias in self-other comparative judgments.,40,11,pp1391-1405I-Ching Lee
    2014Shen, Y.-L., Chang, T.-Y., Chang, Y.-C., Tien, H.-H., Yang, F.-C., Wang, P.-Y., & Liao, R.-M.*,2014,Elevated BDNF mRNA expression in the medial prefrontal cortex after d-amphetamine reinstated conditioned place preference in rats.,Neuroscience,263,pp88-95 (SCI)Ruey-Ming Liao
    2014Brocke, J. V., & Liang, T.-P.,2014,Guidelines for Neuroscience Studies in Information Systems Research.,Journal of Management Information Systems,30,4,pp211-233Ting-Peng Liang
    2014Lee, M.-Y., Chiang, C.-C., Chiu, H.-Y., Chan, M.-H., Chen, H.-H.,2014,N-acetylcysteine modulates hallucinogenic 5-HT2A receptor agonistmediated responses: Behavioral, molecular, and electrophysiological studies.,Neuropharmacology,81,pp215-223 (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2014Yeh, Y.-C.*, Tsai, J.-L., Hsu, W.-C., Lin, C.-F.,2014,A model of how working memory capacity influences insight problem solving in situations with multiple visual representations: An eye tracking analysis. ,Thinking Skills & Creativity,13,pp153-167Yu-Chu Yeh
    2014Chen, S.-C., She, H.-C., Chuang, M.-H., Wu, J.-Y., Tsai, J.-L. & Jung, T.-P.,2014,Eye movements predict students' computer-based assessment performance of physics concepts in different presentation modalities.,Computers and Education,74,pp61-72 (SCI),(SSCI)Jie-Li Tsai
    2014Her, O.-S.* & Tsai, H.-C.,2014,Color isn’t silent, shallow isn’t deep: Two case studies of evaluating silent elements.,Language and Linguistics, (SSCI),(AHCI)One-Soon Her
    2014Lin, C.-C., Yeh, Y.-C.,2014,How Gratitude Influences Well-Being: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach.,Social Indicators Research,118,pp205-217 (SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2014Chin, H.-Y., Chan, M.-H., Lee, M.-Y., Chen, S.-T., Zhan, Z.-Y., Chen, H.-H.*,2014,Long-lasting alterations in 5-HT2A receptor after a binge regimen of methamphetamine in mice.,International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2014Wu, C.-Y., Lee, H.-J., Liu, C.-F., Korivi, M., Chen, H.-H., Chan, M.-H.*,2014,Protective role of L-ascorbic acid, Nacetylcysteine and apocynin on neomycininduced hair cell loss in Zebrafish. ,Journal of Applied Toxicology, (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2014Liang, C.-W., Zhong, R. Y., Pan, C.-H., Yen, M.-Y., Cheng, C.-P., Hsu, W.-Y. *,2014,Using cognitive modeling to investigate the psychological processes of the Go/NoGo discrimination task in male abstinent heroin misusers.,Addiction,109,8,pp1355-1362 (SSCI)Wen-Yau Hsu
    2014Wang, A. W., Chang, C.-S., Chen, S.-T., Chen, D.-R., Hsu, W.-Y.*,2014,Identification of Posttraumatic Growth Trajectories in the First Year after Breast Cancer Surgery. ,Psycho-Oncology, (SSCI)Wen-Yau Hsu
    2014Chui, K.-W.,2014,Mimicked gestures and the joint construction of meaning in conversation.,Journal of Pragmatics,70,pp68-85 (SSCI),(AHCI)Kawai Chui
    2014Lin, C.-C., Yang, C.-M.*,2014,Evidence of Sleep-Facilitating Effect on Formation of Novel Semantic Associations: an Event-related Potential (ERP) Study. ,Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2014Yang, C.-M., Hung, C.-Y., Lee, H.-C.,2014,Stress-related sleep vulnerability and maladaptive sleep beliefs predict insomnia at long-term follow-up.,10,9,pp997-1001 (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    20142014,The neural mechanism underlying sequential categorization decisions, (SCI),(SSCI)Shen-Mou Hsu
    2014Yang, L.-X., Wu, Y.-H.,2014,Category variability effect in category learning with auditory stimuli.,Frontiers in Psychology: Quantitative psychology and measurement,5,1122, (SSCI)Lee-Xieng Yang
    2014Chen, S.-H., Du, Y.-R., & Yang, L.-X.,2014,Cognitive capacity and cognitive hierarchy: A study based on beauty contest experiments.,9,pp69-105 (SSCI)Lee-Xieng Yang
    20142014,Geographical reasoning and biases: the view from Taiwan.,4,pp57-93Nai-Shing Yen
    2013何萬順,周祝瑛,蘇紹雯,蔣侃學&陳郁萱,2013,A critical review of universities’ English benchmark policy for graduation,Educational Policy Forum,16,3, (TSSCI)One-Soon Her
    2013Hsu, S.-M.* & Yang, L.-X.,2013,Sequential effects in facial expression categorization.,Emotion,13,pp573-586 (SSCI)Shen-Mou Hsu
    2013Chan, Y.-C., Chou, T.-L., Chen, H.-S.*, Yeh, Y.-C., Lavallee, J.-P., Liang, K.-C., & Chang, K.-E.,2013,Towards a neural circuit model of verbal humor processing: An fMRI study of the neural substrates of incongruity detection and resolution.,NeuroImage,66,pp169-176 (SCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2013Lin, C.-F., Yeh, Y.-C.*, Hung, Y.-H., Chang, R.-I.,2013,Data mining for providing a personalized learning path in creativity: An application of decision trees.,Computers & Education,66,pp199-210 (SCI),(SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2013Lin, C. C.*, & Yeh, Y.-C.,2013,How gratitude influences well-being: A structural equation modeling approach.,Social Indicators Research, (SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
    2013葉玉珠*、葉怡伶、林俊甫,2013,數位學習正向個人特質之量表發展:知識管理、自我調整學習與意義建構。,數位學習科技期刊,5,3,pp59-90Yu-Chu Yeh
    2013Lin, J.-M., Chuang, T.-C., Chung, H.-W., Tsai, S.-Y.*,2013,Quantitative Comparison of Post Processing Methods for Reduction of Frequency Modulation Sidebands in Non-water Suppression 1H MRS.,NMR in Biomedicine,26,4,pp400-409 (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2013Yeh, C.-J., Tseng, Y.-S., Lin, Y.-R., Tsai, S.-Y., Huang T.-Y.* ,2013,Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Impact of Regression Analysis.,Journal of Neuroimaging, (SCI)Shang-Yueh Tsai
    2013Wang, H.-J., Martin, A.-G., Chao, P.-K., Reichard, R.-A., Martin, A.-L., Huang, Y.-W., Chan, M.-H., & Aronstam R.-S.,2013,Honokiol blocks store operated calcium entry in CHO cells expressing the M3 muscarinic receptor: honokiol and muscarinic signaling.,Journal of Biomedical Science, (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2013Wang, Y.-J., Chan, M.-H., Chen, H.-H.,2013,Methamphetamine inhibits voltage-gated potassium currents inNG108-15 cells: Possible contribution of large-conductancecalcium-activated potassium channels.,Toxicology Letters,223,2,pp134-145 (SCI)Ming-Huan Chan
    2013Chang, C.-M., Chao, C.-C.*,2013,Protein Kinase CK2 Enhances Mcl-1 Gene Expression Through the Serum Response Factor-Mediated Pathway in the Rat Hippocampus.,Journal of Neuroscience Research,91,pp808-817 (SCI)Chih-Chang Chao
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    2013麻筱涵,黃啟泰*,楊立行,2013,三歲幼兒的認知彈性:刺激熟悉度與命名方式在向度改變卡片分類作業的角色。,中華心理學刊,55,2,pp201-215 (TSSCI)Chi-Tai Huang
    2013何萬順,廖元豪&蔣侃學,2013,On the legality of universities’ English benchmark policy for graduation: A case study of NCCU’s relevant regulations,Educational Policy Forum, (TSSCI)One-Soon Her
    2013顏乃欣*,廖瑞銘,楊建銘,黃淑麗,蔡介立,2013,臺灣地區華人情緒與相關心理生理資料庫—臺灣情緒圖片系統。,中華心理學刊,55,4,pp475-490 (TSSCI)Nai-Shing Yen
    2013Tsai, Y.-L., Chen, C.-W., Cheng, H.-C., Chang, C.-H., Chen, C.-Y., and Yang, C.-M.,2013,Cognitive and behavioral factors in insomnia comorbid with depression and anxiety.,Sleep and Biological Rhythms,11,4,pp237-244 (SCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2013Yang, C.-M., Lin, S.-C., Cheng, C.-P. ,2013,Transient Insomnia Versus Chronic Insomnia: A Comparison Study of Sleep-Related Psychological/Behavioral Characteristics. ,Journal of Clinical Psycholog,pp1-14 (SSCI)Chien-Ming Yang
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    2013Yang ,Chien-Ming;Yen,Nai-Shing;Liao,Ruey-Ming;Huang,Shwu-Lih;Tsai,Jie-Li,2013,Taiwan Corpora of Chinese Emotions and Relevant Psychophysiological Data-Taiwan Affective Picture System,55,4,pp477-492 (TSSCI)Ruey-Ming Liao
    2013Yang ,Chien-Ming;Yen,Nai-Shing;Liao,Ruey-Ming;Huang,Shwu-Lih;Tsai,Jie-Li,2013,Taiwan Corpora of Chinese Emotions and Relevant Psychophysiological Data-Taiwan Affective Picture System,55,4,pp477-492 (TSSCI)Chien-Ming Yang
    2012Huang, C. T. *,2012,Outcome-based observational learning in human infants. ,Journal of Comparative Psychology,126,2,pp139-149 (SSCI)Chi-Tai Huang
    2012吳進欽、姜忠信、侯育銘、劉俊宏、朱慶琳,2012,T-STAT評估學齡前自閉症類兒童效度的探究。,教育與心理研究,35,1,pp81-98 (TSSCI)Chung-Hsin Chiang
    2012姜忠信、吳進欽、劉俊宏、侯育銘*,2012,2-3歲自閉症幼兒篩檢量表的發展:T-STAT的初究。,中華心理衛生學刊,25,1,pp135-154 (TSSCI)Chung-Hsin Chiang
    2012Yeh, Y. C.* , Yeh, Y. L., Chen, Y. H.,2012,From knowledge sharing to knowledge creation: A blended knowledge-management model for improving university students' creativity.,Thinking Skills and Creativity,7,3,pp245-247 (SSCI)Yu-Chu Yeh
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