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01.    Her, One-Soon, Rwei-Ju Chuang,* and Kuang-Chao Chang. (2016).An application of Fisher’s Exact Test in linguistic research. Journal of Probability and Statistical Science ,14(1), 75-80. 何萬順
02.    Hsu, S.-M., & Lee, J.-S. (2016). Relative judgment in facial identity perception as revealed by sequential effects. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 78, 264-277 . (SSCI)徐慎謀
03.    Chang, T. -T.*, Metcalfe, A. W. S., Padmanabhan, A., Chen, T., Menon, V.* (2016). Heterogeneous and nonlinear functional development of posterior parietal cortex. Neuroimage ,126, 184-195. (SCI)張葶葶
04.    Wei-Chung Mao; Li-Fen Chen*; Chia-Hsing Chi;Ching-Hung Lin; Yu-Chen Kao;Wen-Yau Hsu;Hsien-Yuan Lane;Jen-Chuen Hsieh.(2016). Traditional Chinese version of the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT-TC): Its validation and application to schizophrenic individuals.  Psychiatric Research, 243, 61-70.許文耀
05.    Chi-WenLiang*;Wen-YauHsu(2016).Effects of attention bias modification with short and long stimulus- duration: A randomized experiment with individuals with subclinical social anxiety.Psychiatric Research, 240, 80-87.(SCI)許文耀
06.    楊悅如、黃啟泰*(2016)。嬰兒的選擇性模仿:動作─效果整合或目的推理?高雄行為科學學刊,5,7-25。(台灣學智慧藏) 黃啟泰
07.    吳岳勳、楊立行*(2016)。知覺類別中的類別變異效果:以聽覺刺激為例。中華心理學刊。58(2),21-38。(TSSCI)楊立行
08.    謝皓薇、葉玉珠*(2016)。幼兒英語學習的家庭教育環境、父母效能與學習熱情之路徑模式。教育心理學報,47(3),449-472。(TSSCI)葉玉珠
09.    Huang, L. Y., & Yeh, Y.* (2016). Mediated enactive experience versus perceived mastery experience: An enhancing mechanism versus a mediator of character attachment and internal political efficacy in serious games. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 1085-1096. (SSCI)葉玉珠
10.    Yeh, Y.*, Lai, S. H., Lin, C. W. (2016). The dynamic influence of emotions on game-based creativity: An integrated analysis of emotional valence, activation strength, and regulation focus. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, 817-825. (SSCI)葉玉珠
11.    Shen, Ying-Ling; Chen, Shao-Tsu; Chan, Tzu-Yi; Hung, Tsai-Wei; Tao, Pao-Luh; Liao, Ruey-Ming; Chan, Ming-Huan; Chen, Hwei-Hsien* (2016). Delayed extinction and stronger drug-primed reinstatement of methamphetamine seeking in rats prenatally exposed to morphine. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 128,56-64. (SCI)廖瑞銘
12.    Pen-An Liao,Gigin Lin,Shang-Yueh Tsai,Chao-Hung Wang,Yu-Hsiang Juan,Yu-Ching Lin.(2016). Myocardial triglyceride content at 3 T cardiovascular magnetic resonance and left ventricular systolic function: a cross-sectional study in patients hospitalized with acute heart failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 18, 9. (SCI)蔡尚岳
13.    Chia-Hsiung Cheng*, Pei-Ying S. Chan, David M. Niddam, Shang-Yueh Tsai, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Chia-Yih Liu. (2016).Sensory gating, inhibition control and gamma oscillations in the human somatosensory cortex. Scientific Reports,4(6), 20437(SCI)蔡尚岳
14.    Shang-Yueh Tsai, Chun-Hao Fang, Thai-Yu Wu, Yi-Ru Lin*. (2016)Effects of Frequency Drift on the Quantification of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Using MEGA-PRES. Scientific Reports,6,24564, (SCI)蔡尚岳
15.    Lee, I. C. *, Chen, E. E., Tsai, C. H., Yen, N. S., Chen, A. L. P., & Lin, W. C. (2016). Voting intention and choices: Are voters always rational and deliberative? PLoS One, 1-14. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0148643 (SCI, IF:3.234)李怡青、顏乃欣
16.    Han, C. C., Yang, T. H., Lin, C. Y., & Yen, N. S.*(2016) . Memory updating and mental arithmetic. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1-14. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00072 (SSCI, IF: 2.6) (NSC 99-2511-S-004 -001 -MY3 ; NSC 102-2511-S-004 -001 -) (SSCI)顏乃欣
17.    Wu, B. C. Y.;Wu, Y. J.;Lee, C. N.;Yen, N. S.*(2016).Understanding gender differences revealed by event-related potentials in processing positive and bloody pictures.Chinese Journal of Psychology,58(3),207-216.(TSSCI)吳佳芸、顏乃欣
18.    何華府、顏乃欣*(2016)。死亡突顯性對注意力的影響-以文化性線索為例。中華心理學刊,58(4),263-291。(TSSCI) 顏乃欣
19.    陳家興、蔡介立*(2016)。詞彙邊界線索影響閱讀中文表現的眼動證據。中華心理學刊,58 (1),19-44。(TSSCI)蔡介立
20.    Yu, W.-Y. & Tsai, J.-L.* (2016). Modulation of scene consistency and task demand on language-driven eye movements for audio-visual integration. Acta Psychologica, 171,1-16.doi: 10.1016/j.actpsy.2016.09.004. (SSCI)蔡介立
21.    Huang, Chiung-chih. (2016).Information management in Mandarin child speech, maternal speech, and adult speech. Lingua,184(53),53-69(SSCI,AHCI)黃瓊之
22.    Yeh, Kanyu & Huang, Chiung-chih .(2016). Mandarin-speaking children's use of the discourse markers hao 'okay' and dui 'right' in peer interaction. Language Sciences,57, 1-20.(SSCI,AHCI)黃瓊之
23.    林姿伶、姜忠信*、吳欣治 (2016)。自閉症類群兒童綜合性早期療育的療效研究:文獻回顧。中華心理衛生學刊,29(1),1-46。(TSSCI)姜忠信
24.    Wang YJ, Chan MH, Chen L, Wu SN, Chen HH*. (2016). Resveratrol attenuates cortical neuron activity: roles of large conductance calcium activated potassium channels and voltage-gated sodium channels. J Biomed Sci. 23,47(SCI)詹銘煥
25.    Lin J, Chan MH, Lee MY, Chen YC, Chen HH. (2016).N,N-dimethylglycine differentially modulates psychotomimetic and antidepressant like effects of ketamine in mice. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 71,7-13(SCI)詹銘煥
26.    Chen, Y-H., Isabella Verdinelli, & Paola Cesari .(2016) .Elite athletes refine their internal clocks: A Bayesian Analysis. Motor Control, 20, 255-265. (SCI, IF=1.45) 陳尹華
27.    Guey-Jen Lai, Yu-chu Yeh, Chung-Wei Lin, Wei-Chin Hsu, Junyi Wu.(2016).The interactive influences of stress, modality of stimuli, and task difficulty on verbal versus visual working memory capacity.Learning and Individual Differences,81,143-153,(SSCI)賴桂珍、葉玉珠
28.    Chen, W.-F., Chao, P.-C., Chang, Y.-N., Hsu, C.-H., & Lee, C.-Y.* (2016).Effects of orthographic consistency and homophone density on Chinese spoken word recognition. Brain and Language, 157-58, 51-62. (SCI, SSCI)李佳穎
29.    Timothy Lane*, Niall Duncan, Tony Cheng, Georg Northoff.(2016).The trajectory of self. Cell: Trends in cognitive sciences. 20(7), 481-482. (SCI)藍亭、Georg Northoff
30.    Matteo Martinoa, Paola Magioncaldaa, Zirui Huang, Benedetta Conioa, Niccolò Piaggioc, Niall W. Duncand, Giulio Rocchi, Andrea Escelsior, Valentina Marozzi, Annemarie Wolff, Matilde Inglese, Mario Amorea, and Georg Northoff.(2016). Contrasting variability patterns in the default mode and sensorimotor networks balance in bipolar depression and mania. PNAS, 113(17), 4824-4829. (SCI) Georg Northoff
31.    Paola Magioncalda, Matteo Martino, Benedetta Conio, Niccolò Piaggio, Roxana Teodorescu, Andrea Escelsior, Valentina Marozzi, Giulio Rocchi, Luca Roccatagliata, Georg Northoff, Matilde Inglese, Mario Amore.(2016).Patterns of microstructural white matter abnormalities and their impact on cognitive dysfunction in the various phases of type I bipolar disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders,193,39-50. (SCI, SSCI) Georg Northoff
32.    Martino, Matteo; Magioncalda, Paola; Saiote, Catarina; Conio, Benedetta; Escelsior, Andrea; Rocchi, Giulio; Piaggio, Niccolò; Marozzi, Valentina; Huang, Zirui; Ferri, Francesca; Amore, Mario; Inglese, Matilde; Northoff, Georg.(2016).Abnormal functional–structural cingulum connectivity in mania: combined functional magnetic resonance imaging-diffusion tensor imaging investigation in different phases of bipolar disorder, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 134(4), 339-349. (SCI, SSCI) Georg Northoff
33.    萬依萍*(2016).Consonant features in Mandarin speech errors. Concentric, 42(2), 1-39(THCI, SCOPUS)萬依萍

01.    何萬順、蔡維天、張榮興、徐嘉慧、魏美瑤、何德華(2016)《語言癌不癌?語言學家的看法》。聯經。(專書)何萬順、徐嘉慧
02.    徐嘉慧*, (2016), Grounding and Gestural Repetition in Chinese Conversational Interactio, Multimodality in Chinese Interaction, De Gruyter Mouton, press.(篇章)徐嘉慧
03.    Yeh, Y. C. (2016). Research Development of Creativity. Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology, Elseverier.(篇章) 葉玉珠
04.    Hung, T. W., Lane, T.(2016).Rationality: Constraints and Contexts. Elsevier-Oxford(專書)藍亭
05.    Hung, T. W., Lane, T.(2016).Rationality and its contexts. Rationality: Constraints and Contexts. Elsevier-Oxford.  pp. 3-13.(篇章)藍亭
06.    Hung, T. W., Lane, T.(2016).Are depressive ruminations rational?. Rationality: Constraints and Contexts. Elsevier-Oxford. pp. 119-143.(篇章)藍亭
07.    Timothy Lane and Georg Northoff.(2016). Is Depressive Rumination Rational? Rationality: Constraints and Contexts. pp. 121-145.(篇章)藍亭

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