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講者:Dr. Sarah Wu 吳欣康博士 (Founder, Director, and Clinical Psychologist of Boulder Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy)

講題:Suicidality : Research and Clinical Practice






Dr. Sarah Wu is a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD) and a second generation Taiwanese American. She is the founder and director of a private practice in Colorado and also a research data analyst at Apple, Inc.  Dr. Wu received her BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder (CU). Her residency was at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Child Clinical Psychology, followed by a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in Child Clinical Psychology at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about providing evidence-based therapy across the developmental spectrum, and enjoys the complementary nature of her research work on health at Apple.

It is estimated that approximately 800,000 people die from suicide each year globally, making it the 2nd leading cause of death amongst 10- to 28-year-olds in the US. Suicide impacts individuals of all identities, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Given its prevalence, it is almost guaranteed that a professional in a health care or counseling field will encounter suicidality during their career. In this talk, Dr. Wu will share statistics on the significant impact of suicide in both the United States and Taiwan, and review the current knowledge base regarding vulnerability factors for suicide. She will also cover evidence-based standards in therapeutic approaches for preventing and treating suicide, and will use several case examples to exemplify principles of risk assessment in suicide prevention. She will also briefly touch upon some cultural factors to consider in the treatment of suicide.





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